Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome Paddlers!

Welcome to Carolina Kayak Club member's blog.  We are a community of enthusiastic paddlers originally from Central North Carolina, but are now spread across the state.  As we embark on our 5th year, we look back on some interesting adventures in our unique playground between the sea and the mountains and picked up some interesting and knowledgeable paddlers along the way.   We are very pleased and feel privileged to share with you our Adventures, insight, and knowledge in the coming months and years.  The blog has a number of fine contributors on board to provide a steady stream of great new articles and stories.   Expect a lot of new posts as we ramp up in the coming few weeks.  We hope you will find our blog useful, entertaining, and hope you will return again and again.


Contributors and Staff of the CKC Blog


  1. What a great looking crew and fun was had by all! Carolina Kayak Club (CKC) is a great way to meet new paddling pals and see lots of wonderful sights from the boat, not to mention camping, get togethers, camping and more! Thanks to all of CKC for making this a terrific club!

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