Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lessons Learned from Surfing


There's probably nothing more fun (to some of us adrenaline junkies) than surfing the perfect wave.

That said, and after a surf day that was chock full of lessons learned from observation, I'd like to share these pointers.  Please feel free to add your own comments and knowledge!

·        Assess the waves when you arrive first.  Are they dumping?  What is the timing between them?  What are the conditions?
·        Assess the beach –
a.      Piers? Jetties? Obstacles?
b.      Crowded with people?  Is it safe for them if you surf?
·        Assess the weather
a.      Wind – which direction and where will you get blown
b.      Rip current formed by strong wind?
c.      T-storm likely?
·        Assess your kayak surf group
a.      Skills
b.      Safety
c.      Courtesy
·        Rules
a.      No ‘parking’ down wave of another kayak
b.      No rescues in the surf impact zone
c.      After riding a wave, turn and make a loop out of the ‘flight pattern’ of other kayakers
d.      Be alert for swimmers and surfers on the wave, and do not snake their wave
·        Surf  exit
a.      Stand ocean side of the kayak
·        Getting dumped in the surf
a.      Get on the ocean side of your kayak, not the beach side
b.      Do not put fingers in the toggle loop
c.      Let the kayak go  – you’ll dislocate or injure your shoulder or hand attempting to hang onto it
d.      Do not attempt a ‘pole roll’ near the beach…another good way to injure a shoulder
·        Rescues in swells or at sea
  1. Be Careful!

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